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    for Long Span Building Structures 1. Insitu RC, tensioned 2. Precast concrete, tensioned 3. Structural steel erected on spot 4. Structural steel prefabricated and installed on spot 5. Portal frame insitu RC 6. Portal frame precast 7. Portal frame prefabricated steel

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    long spans DESIgN Of LONg-SpaN SySTEMSSTRUC-TURaL SySTEMS ThaT CROSS LONg DIS-TaNCES wITh LaRgE OpEN SpaCESIS ChaRaCTERIzED by UNIqUE ChaLLENgES. Typically found in arenas, convention centers, and hangars, these structural systems push the enve-lope of what buildings can do. Designing long-span structures requires an

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    Light Weight Prefabricated Roof Element For Long Spans 1 1 INTRODUCTION This thesis report was commissioned by Sheet Metal Centre (SMC) which is a . research and development center examining various steel structures and other . productions. It was established in 1998 and it holds a business and educational

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